Immune Boost Bundle
  • Immune Boost Bundle

    -- One 4oz Bottle of Fire Cider && One 2oz Bottle of Elderberry Syrup --


    It's an important time to support our body's natural immune defense systems, and luckily we have the medicines of the natural world to help us!


    Fire Cider is a warming apple cider vinegar and honey based remedy infused with antimicrobial herbs such as ginger, tumeric, horseradish, lemon balm, hot peppers, garlic, onion, and more. In addition to this antimicrobial herbs, the apple cider vinegar is HOMEMADE and absolutely thriving with probiotics, which also helps the body's immune system (you can find the scientific data for this information here). This is mixed with small-scale artisinal honey to sweeten the medicine. It works amazingly well as a salad dressing or added as a seasoning vinegar!


    The Elderberry Reishi syrup is LOADED with antiviral herbs, including elderberries and medicinal mushrooms. This tasty treat is flavored with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and preserved with honey. You can find more information about the antiviral properties of medicinal mushrooms here.


    This bundle is being offered for a limited time only, while supplies last! Makes a wonderful gift for friends and family who could use some extra immune support right now. Feel free to go to the individual pages for each medicine to learn more!

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