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Earth & Spirit Botanicals


Welcome to Earth & Spirit Botanicals,

a heart-centered herbalism business

specializing in wildcrafted and home grown

plant and mushroom medicines

to help heal the body mind & spirit


Organic, Wildcrafted, Ethically-Sourced

Plant & Mushroom Medicines

Elderberry Reishi Syrup

Lion's Mane Tincture

Herbal Smoking Blends

Nervous System Nourishment

Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures

CBD Pain Relief Salve

Fire Cider

And more...

Plants -- each species of whom represents a particular portion of archetypal and ecosystemic intelligence and wisdom -- have the capacity to be our greatest teachers and are capable of promoting healing on all levels of our being.

Scott Kloos

"We need the tonic of the wilderness, the ocean, the mountains, the deserts, a wooded grove - all contain the magic needed to restore pure radiant energy to a stressed soul. Mother Earth and all of her infinite compassion and strength has remarkable powers to restore vitality. Wash yourself in the pure water of the streams, put your bare feet on the good earth, fall asleep in the arms of an ancient tree. There is good medicine to be found in nature. It is long lasting and heals the soul."

Henry David Thoreau

Herbal Consultations

Holistic Herbal Consultations

to help weave together

the body, mind, & spirit

A personalized, one-on-one health consultation where we review your physical and emotional health history to match you with the plant medicines that may be the most helpful and supportive for you.

 I have worked extensively with Reishi, receiving personal herbal consultations, going wildcrafting, making medicines and attending workshops. I know that she consistently works from her heart, which is one reason why her medicines are so effective. Another reason is because she worked from her heart for years at learning her craft at the finest herbalism school in the country, Bastyr University. This has given her the wisdom to be a bridge between the technically well formulated recipes, ideas and prescriptions of the scientist, and the heart-led, sustainably harvested, small batch, hand crafted, made with love products of your friend, the herbalist.

- Ryan Flesch, Regenerative Farmer, 29


plant walks, private workshops, & more

Plant & Mushroom Identification Walks

Introduction to Herbal Medicine

Introduction to Medicinal Mushrooms

Herbal Aphrodisiacs


Medicine Making Classes:

  • Salves & Infused Oils

  • Tinctures & Glycerites

  • Creams & Lotion

Botanical Yoga Classes

Personalized Yoga Instruction

Learn more >

Fire Dance and Flow Arts

Reishi has an extensive background in ecstatic dance, yoga, and flow arts including fire hoop, palm torches, silk fans, and more. Contact about hiring Reishi to do a dance performance or teach a yoga workshop at your event

Performance Arts 

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